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What You Should Do After Getting a Speeding Ticket?

Nobody ever wants to get pulled over for speeding, but it is a common occurrence. Immediately after seeing the flashing lights of the police vehicle and pulling over, take a breath. You might be stressed or upset about the situation, but presenting yourself as anything but polite to the police officer, he could give you a negative reflection in court if you choose to fight the ticket.

Potentially Reduce the Consequence Severity

If you know that you were not speeding and have evidence, the ticket can be contested. Some states will allow you a settlement conference or the ability to contest the ticket in writing. However, in other places you must appear in court. In some cases, you may want the help of a lawyer, especially if you are facing serious penalties or might lose your license over the incident. If this is your first speeding ticket or the first one in years, mitigation may be the best way to reduce your consequences for speeding.
The worst possible thing you can do after getting a speeding ticket is, ignore it. Choosing to neither fight nor pay the ticket will only lead to more fines and possible legal trouble down the road. Learn more about the steps to take if you get a traffic ticket by calling 919-833-2561 for Barrett & Howell Attorneys at Law.

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