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License Restoration

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If you have had your driver’s license revoked, the stress and consequences can last a long time. Driving is an important and often essential practice for maintaining all of your daily responsibilities. When your license is gone, so is your freedom. Barrett & Howell Attorneys at Law may be able to offer legal representation to clients in Raleigh who have had licenses suspended. Some of the most common reasons for this include:
  • DWI charge
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Reckless driving
  • Accumulation of violation points
  • Failure to pay fines
  • Driving without insurance
Hiring a license restoration lawyer may help you get your suspended license restored so you can move on with your life and recover from these events.

We Can Help You Pursue Restoration

To get your license restored, you will typically have to request and attend a license revocation hearing, in which you may appoint an attorney to represent you. Enlisting help from a legal professional can help you understand the process and fight to have your license restored. Attempting to accomplish this without any legal consultation or representation can be a difficult undertaking, but with a license restoration attorney on your side, you can know that a professional is advocating for your case.

Fighting for Your Rights in the Cary Area

Life is hard when you can’t drive, and it’s hard to drive when your license has been suspended. No matter what circumstances led to this point, you are entitled to fight for its restoration, and a lawyer may be able to help you do this. If you need a license, DWI or criminal law attorney, you can trust Barrett & Howell Attorneys at Law. We serve clients in Wake Forrest, Knightdale, Raleigh, Garner, Durham, Apex and Cary. Contact us by calling 919-833-2561.

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