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Traffic Tickets

Getting a ticket can be enough to ruin your day, week or even entire month. If you’ve been cited for a moving violation in your vehicle, you know that the consequences can range from a mark on your record to a huge fine or even legal action against you. These possibilities are understandably stressful, but they are even more upsetting when you are unfairly charged with a traffic violation. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the citation, you are entitled to the chance to fight against it. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina may help you better understand the legal recourse that is available to you. At Barrett & Howell Attorneys at Law, we aim at providing each of our clients with effective representation, and we may be able to help you face a traffic ticket charge.

How to Fight Moving Violation Citations

When you are looking for a traffic ticket attorney, you should find one who has extensive experience and a dedication to clients. Lawyers may be able to help in several ways. One of the biggest challenges you will face after receiving a citation is navigating the system. An attorney can demystify the situation and clarify your legal options. Instead of simply paying the ticket or ignoring the citation, you can fight to mitigate the impact of a ticket.
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Stand Up for Your Rights With Help From Our Lawyers in Cary

Barrett & Howell Attorneys at Law offers representation for a variety of clients. You can hire a DUI and DWI attorney or a criminal lawyer to represent you in Raleigh, North Carolina. We also serve clients in such areas as Garner, Wake Forrest, Durham, Knightdale, Cary and Apex. If you would like more information about our services, you can call us at 919-833-2561.

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